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Multisensor installation / Sculpture_2018

Material: 400 PVC-balls

Conventional exhibitions are generally designed to appeal the visual sense which can lead to the inaccessibility of the art. Immersio is an art piece which goes beyond that classic form of art exhibitions and revokes the distance between the artwork and the recipient. This abolition constitutes itself as a performative process in which people can enter and experience the installation. By this, the artwork means to stimulate the individual and free reflection of the viewer.


Immersio is a multi-sensor installation and an opportunity to sharpen our senses by losing our orientation. This results in an immersive feeling. Hanging ball volumes create an artificial space which can be entered from every side. The floating form transforms itself by involving the people into this tactile experience. The installations interactive nature removes the lines between artwork and audience. Lighting, additional sound and smell are continuously creating different designs and experiences. 

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